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It’s One for the History Books - Grain Episode

March 14, 2022

The grain industry has recently seen things that it has not seen before and has left farmers feeling uncertain and unsure of what to do.  Even the top grain experts are scratching their heads.

In this episode, our host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by Landus grain merchandiser, Jim Engler to uncover what all of the movement and volatility means for farmers.  They’ll discuss the recent WASDE report, look at the current trade inverse, address the Ukraine/Russia impact, and what we might expect with the upcoming acreage report.

We are working with Zen-Noh Grain with the spring acreage report.  If you are interested, please click here to provide your input.

The GROW Podcast grain episodes will look at high-level themes, but we know that the market moves quickly.  If you are interested in daily updates and commentary from Landus, sign up at:

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